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ANNA - 2016


I’m the howl inside your veins force which frees you from your chains inhale his last breath out – feel me chaos - highness – majesty listen – all your unborn thoughts are my words voices – the vanguards of a new world leaves - I’m the deep sough in your blood your highness – chaos – king and god you know me - but never knew that I’ve always grown in you give me your light and let me devour all your doubts – let taste me your sorrow the sunrise regrets another childhoods dead look - this mirrors unseen face now let your senses find their ways hide the being a child in haze frowning are your eyes - yet ablaze the time is frozen in your hand behind this door is reality – now you can try to withstand all that comes from deep inside trust in my - become my bride look at me - you know who I am return back to where it all began leave yourself – become a tree a guardian of the majesty ligneous – as the lungs that we sowed branches – the bark begins to grow bony - like all our arms and feet your highness – chaos – king – the seed
Anna 03:59
how many times have you cared for me all your worries you trust me each of my leaves bear a sliver of your soul I want you to guard you forever sincerity - love and caring all your secrets you should be strong and never be broken what we have will never taken from us just give me your hands I'll give all my branches to you let us become one it's not only my voices calling to you they'll try to cheat you they will try to cheat – they will try it changed - the sunset wearing grotesque clothes bloodshot - the red of his glow is shrouded in fear beware of the black ones – they are wicket wicket they are they want to break your will – but you have the bark the farewell has begun the shadows will eat the sun you're small but the chosen child your facade - it hides more behind
the noise of these voices some know where to go what's coming is in their eyes a disillusioning glow the insistence of the gathered crowd shows nothing but the truth the roar of this scorpions you shall understand soon it's time to internalize how threatening it is the right to existence is blazing in flames depersonaized faces distorted by fear the light turns turbid now – but you have to bear it the fire of this surrealistic scenery is nourished as long as the panic prevails the stench of the wooden planks - you know what it means this train runs straight to a hell - child some of them lament the truth soon you will have lost all your senses do you see how weak the flesh is if it has to withstand the loss and the mourning grace is given to you - branch don't lose the faith in yourself keep my leaf rich face in your mind look for a place to put down new roots wrath - as a tremendous thunderstorm time stands still let me be the cradle of your thoughts thou shalt be my sun
so here you stand – the wolf eyed ghost separate ways – only seconds decide it the black ones face is petrified solely one finger still reigns at this place don't look over - the trees are liars they can not really absolve you from your guilt left – you should go – right – the moribund path now feel one last time the warmth of her blood blood – the blood of your mothers heart it runs through your hands now now it is time to accept the gift grant the timber to pass through your white skin one last song before the dark king receive them - alone by weeping soaked trees your siblings – they wait it's just the pain of your own despair i know it's hard to see this faceless ones but how strong is the will to survive when everything is nothing but dust and your first leaves have fallen - only then judge up in the sky – the birds – as souls which fly away now the crying has ceased – the smoke can't deny it was not a lie
the rising sun draws the mist back into the air followed by the stench of the starved ones the last withering leaves will now fall down from the trees they have already resigned soon the machinery is stopped and faced her end but the beast eats until the downfall mania - ornament of mankind it's solely your race which delights in suffering sin - a term but not a burden the journey ends here also my end is near you are stronger than I thought a spirit I can't hold break away – I give you free - you're free they can hear the thunder of the oncoming guns it can't be undone – but they'll loose the crown
Roots Remain 01:51
truth seems like a child of blind faith the dead inside – she scowls and rapes reality the old eyes - cold but the truth is just a slave of what we deny this truth - the roots in deep mire since eons sold a wound in mind's desire our own despair she's lying in wait in our hands but who decides when lying ends mother betrayal face of denial impenetrable nothing more than a frozen wish the ice of clarity breaks obscuring veins decline our fragile view of what we pretend the truth – this great illusion say - who defines it to recognize what's real or wrong an uneven way - endlessly long the truth – a frozen wish


The concept album “ANNA” is another personal statement against political and religious fanaticism, the influencing, persecution and oppression of free thinking. I detest the dulness of blind obedience, opportunism and the deadhearted executing of commands. But what Anna hears, sees and feels, is content. Her way is representative of thousands of lowbrow children of her time, also for uncountable war children of past, present and future periods - NO MATTER WHAT ORIGIN!


released September 26, 2016

Guest musicians:
Ed Warby (Hail Of Bullets / Ayreon / The 11th Hour, ex-Gorefest) - lead vocals on "The Frozen Wish", Markus Hartung (Panzerkreuzer) - add. vocals on "Your Highness The Chaos", Kris Clayton (Camel Of Doom, ex-Esoteric) - add. vocals on "Withering Leaves", Daniela Laube - add. backing vocals on "The Weeping Trees", Uwe Reinholz (Oak Ridge) - add. solo guitar on "Wither Leaves"


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DOOMED Zwickau, Germany

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