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hominis sanctus, dynastae, fraudare, superbia, luxuriâ, odium, rixae chaos behind us - will reach us - will find us we can't hide interfectores venales, discordia, contemptio, hypocritæ, arbitratus, mendacium, avaritia fate is on the rise - thriving age of the progress but the black heritage makes our insides homeless we're all not high born but the death is summoned our attitude is worn - still alive but no one has won we should show all our strenght what we will leave that will thrive but a whole field of ergot should be burned the greed dominates - leaders are obsolete aimless wandering - the lot of our being we're all not high born, but death is summoned our attitude is worn - still alive but no one has won we are – when hope disappears - we are when hope disappears - stay here - hope chaos behind us - the truth will reach us despair hunting us - consequence will find us but we're still alive
how can i make undone my thoughts can i clean my conscience with words i thought i can protect my face but there are some mistakes in haze my own abyss calls the last breath an unending fall slow and deep i stand in front of me i'm seared a hounted stick figure in fear my own abyss calls i can't stay i know that i will brought one day
worn fragments of evermore realm - belonging to me alone form new stones from what i give you black as pitch, noble, with a seductive shine come dream, come back to me enclose all my thoughts - let me be down there in a hole sits a little croocked it looks like glass, only his head moves i think it comes closer to me but it is growing and growing rapidly it grows and flows it seeks and bleeds it grabs me grotesque creature that you are wearing faces that i know you – dream - i think you've changed something in my world seems to be stained whenever i fall asleep i hear his steps like my pulse the beast that makes me float up a goat step - step - horned shade step - step - goat head step - step - green mate next to my bed go dream, you're not mine go away you've changed let me be me
hatred – last bleeding of my creed hangman - the faceless justice king reap me - you have my deepest trust commit me to the other side restless circling my thoughts around strength is not for the secrecy ideas are always the birth of a whole to have done the right thing i believe in that it always could be so is what i'm feeling all the soft green, how warm the sun is throughout this peaceful sound the smell of straw and the breath and i will never overcome it makes no sense to weep door lock - so my journey begins chained dogs with contemptuous glance haste - now it is not far off i spit on you - so be it so – the end of all so let it fall
lying in wait can't escape your closed eyes my hand in yours i'm not waiting in vain our band – so strong because it grew living banishment of hate your way was always mine calm – i am here - it is all good relax just a small gasp - i will hold you let it be yes i'm staying still stay here for a while just trust me memories of all the beautiful, clear days how often i felt sick when you were not there now... but now it's cold quiet thought: your journey begins now don't be afraid - we'll not lose us like an ever flowing stream i've not the strength to stop him he stands in front of me i have to let him be now you're gone you've done everything right so it must feel when the sun never shines again but also my time will run so i say one last time my hand in yours it is like my own death from my heart - you'll never go until i make my last breath someday – i'll stay with you again someday
Revolt 06:32
voice of the wicked now sound the last words of you leaders who tortured the past the whetted knife are now behind your necks now it is too late to flee yet deceptive silence - the calm before the storm too many wars you have already won the tables have turned now and you will atone we will tear down everything stone by stone so rise – no matter how old the resistance enraged bolt will smash everything they told now let the hate flow arise together now in brotherhood destroy the sins of the dark brood you will no longer loot you broke a hornet's nest of hope revolt as the son held his bleeding mother in his arms you gave a shit about it - and you took them all the wounds of every individual are a whole something you can never make amends your downfall arise all
What Remains 08:51
all that remains is the sinking feeling that nothing will change all that remains is that our souls leave their mark what remains carved in stone our handprints the demise of the race self inflicted lost crusades end of all lessons dust in the minds what's left of us all that remains is the will to survive but we can't withstand these black holes mud and burnt soil they reflect the eyes of the ignorant whose death ust a drop in the bucket deep furrows not overcome all that remains is the will to survive but we can't withstand all that remains is the paradox of our being what remains


features guest parts of PIM BLANKENSTEIN (Officium Triste) and ANDREAS KAUFMANN (Charon, Hatespawn)


released April 21, 2014


all rights reserved



DOOMED Zwickau, Germany

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